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WEB VR PLAYGROUND | 2018-2021 (On going)

Experimental, webVR

WebVR playground is a space that works on the web via a mobile phone, desktop, tablet, Occulus Rift, Google cardboard or any VR device! Currently the space is used as an experimental way to view  an image gallery/portfolio site. 

(Prototype interface, not completed)

The aim of the site is to give users an intuitive way to view work in a 3D space

Userse navigate the gallery by focusing the white pointer in the center, that turns green when highlighted. This is true for Occulus, desktop and mobile devices.

I chose a 3D globe in space as the environment because I love space and it allows the viewer to see just the work (front) or just a VR world only (back).

 (More devices coming soon*)







Designed & Developed with love by Christopher Phillips, 2021, LA, CA