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UCLA Design Media Arts Undergraduate Exhibition | 2012

Brand, Website, Poster Series, Postcards

In collaboration with Omar Lopez, Lucas Kazansky, Dawn Faelnar and Vlada Syrkin we as a team created 6 posters for the show, postcards, a website and curated the show. The 6 posters were made to fit together reinforcing the idea of us as a community working together.

Poster by Chris Phillips (1 of 6)

Poster by Lucas Kazansky (1 of 6)

I pitched the idea of utilizing a small crowdsourcing element to literally hybridize bring each artist together.  I asked all of the 150+ students in the show to submit their own personalized Ampersand and used it for the background of the Web Poster.

Postcard designed by Omar Lopez.

Early Concept for The Show








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