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Print, Iconography, Typography, Bookmaking, Lasercutting

A book made of over 25+ custom made pictograms inspired by studying the history of Isotypes by Otto Neurath.

The book is 3 poems told 90% visually via pictograms, and 10% words.

The goal was to aim for the “universal language” of visual images, form as language

I wanted to make the viewer think, but simple enough to not give up

A Legend in case you get stuck ;)

In the back lays 3 trays of lasercut blocks, so that you can take a paper and etch
pictograms from the book encouraging the user to make their own picto-poems.

Every pictogram in the book lasercut on acrylic

Feel free to view the book slideshow below to see each pictogram:


Design & Dev by Christopher Phillips, 2019, LA, CA