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NASA/JPL Human Interfaces | 2012

UI, Logo, Poster, Video, Storyboarding, Layout, 3D

While working as an intern with JPL’s Human interface group I worked on a variety of projects ranging from, 3d/2d User Interfaces, Iconography, Posters, Branding, Video and Information graphics

The poster displays the words of curiosity the rover, as a persona:

Poster of Mars Science Rover "Curiosity"
26" x 36" Mosaic print

The poster was used for a backdrop on the news as well as a print inside of their office in Pasadena.

All images are real satellite photographs of Mars Gale Crater provided by Alex Menzies of JPL.

Poster for NASA Astronomy Musical

Title sequence for all prototype video presentations for the Human Interfaces Group

Concept Video for Z-Space 3D virtual reality controller

A Prototype Interface for 3D video Game Control in Xbox Kinect
A video game from concept, to coded prototype with Charlie Goddard in 8 hours.

On Hover Map Icon for a “google map” style application

The Human Interfaces team, was re-branding themselves as team "Conductor" as a
conductor is the coordinator/commander of group or an interface.  We finally decided to
take a spin putting technology and electricity at the center as the conductor concept for
circuit boards, since NASA is so tech driven.

Human Hand + Conductors Experiment

Final Conductor Logo

Human Interfaces Group Team Video

Storyboard for MSL Parody Video

Human Interaction Demo for Xbox Kinect MSL video game release







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