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“Technology is nothing without human experience”


NEW Podcast: ART NOW The Future of Art and Design

This episode I define what the difference between Art and Design is fundamentally as well as where the two spaces intersect. Then I cover what new technologies are being utilized to make art; paving the road towards the future of Art.

My Thoughts on Design | 2018

I am an interactive visual designer dedicated towards making human experiences that evoke the feelings of “awe and wonder”. I intend to alleviate human on screen struggle by creating eye catching, fresh yet simple and new visual experiences.

My personal visual design philosophy is what I call “Hyper Minimalism”. The idea is to strive past traditional minimalism by utilizing the vast functionality of code and interaction. The core of my design is user-centric; "People come first",  because technology is nothing without human experience.

I started as a visual artist, then a graphic designer, became an interactive media artist and finally an interactive visual designer and developer.

I strive to utilize the power of design for a positive change in society. I believe the digital age is still a new frontier to strive for innovation.

As designers we must come together to make an enjoyable future. I believe our future is ours to unfold, to discover to invent, to seek, to make, to find, to experience, to love, to wish and to enjoy.

Thank You for reading :)

If you would like to hear more thoughts on Design and Art, checkout my podcast on Anchor!

Design & Dev by Christopher Phillips, 2019, LA, CA