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PortalQuest | 2023

UI/UX, Figma Prototype, AR Development, Logo Design, Sticker Print Design, Brand Strategy

PortalQuest is an AR experience to catch 12 AR characters released into the world. With a mobile-first design, we decided to make a very simple and clear way to show the User how to Hunt AR characters, Scan stickers, and Collect AR characters to get an NFT Reward for playing! 

The Quest page showed users that a portal is a sticker to find and scan to see the AR character appear! Each Card informs the User to first Hunt, then Scan to collect to then get an NFT Reward.

The Scan page is the main page to scan a Portal sticker found in a live event, concert, or stadium to see the AR character come to life in front of your eyes.

Once users collect a portal they can see all of the portals they have scanned and the associated AR character they have collected. Prompting them to officially collect their AR character on openSea as an NFT.

Users were prompted to log in with their web3 information to be able to collect the AR characters they found!

Learning the Web 3 world can be challenging so we made a simple way to onboard our users.

The Portals were printed as stickers for users to Scan with their phones, with no QR code necessary using our proprietary image scanning.

Logo Design was to make a simple, edgy yet fresh portal and to feel otherworldly.






Designed & Developed with love by Christopher Phillips Design, 2024, LA, CA